Height: 5’3”

Weight: 115

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Wigs: Black,
Red, Brunette
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh – John Robotham, Jason Silvis  
The Visiting – Keith Adams  
Spring in her Step – Johnny Becker  
11 -Ned Corrigan  
Everything's Wonderful -Mike Walter Precision Driving
Get Smart -Johnny Becker Precision Driving
Die Hard 4 -Johnny Becker Precision Driving
Mission Impossible 3 -Eric Norris Precision Driving
National Treasure -Bill Young  
The Wire Season 5 Jeff Gibson
The Kill Point Episode 1 Cort Hessler
America's Most Wanted "James Detmer" Segment Lewis Shaw
America's Most Wanted "Georgia Durante" Segment Richard Dorton
A Haunting "Hell's Gate" Anthony Torres
Washington Capitals Hockey
Richard Dorton
DAVR 713, Inc   Mike Dorton
Member of Becker's Precision Driving Professionals Team
Fights Guns Squib Hits
Stair Falls Small Falls Car Work
Very Athletic Aerobic Instructor (16 years) Dance (9 years)
Movement Training (9 years) Roller blading Ice Skating
Biking Swimming Diving
Current Passport Extensive Acting Resume Demos Available
Will Travel/Relocate    


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